""Peggy Porn", en av årets tøffeste og mest kontroversielle låter kommer midtveis i settet, og denne er jo bare helt utrolig fengende og deilig, og burde absolutt fått mer spilletid på landets radiostasjoner - til tross for sin omstridte tekst. "
"på en svært så tilsikker måte har de klart å skape sitt eget musikalske varemerke. Greit med stil og genre, men dette bandet utmerket seg vel så mye gjennom sine bunnsolide melodier. "
"En narsistisk, lærhomsevrikende, selvopptatt og med et vidunderlig oppheva refreng, som er så bowie'sk at du lurer nesten på hvilken eller hvilke Bowielåter som skuler seg bak korsettet og stiletthælene"
"(...) suget, draget og løftet i refrenget var om mulig enda mer uimotståelig forførerisk denne gangen og dynamikken enda mer forsterka. Ahh! "
"Gi Piggyback en større scene!"
"Det paradoksale er at jo mer avskyelig og kvalmende teksten utarter seg, jo mer fengende blir låta."

2013 Update
(03/01/2013) The years go fast! 11 years have passed since the boys in Piggyback parted ways. Still we receive messages that people enjoy the music, and we have quite a few followers on Facebook.
Pigyback is now available on Soundcloud, and we have added the Soundcloud player to the website. The songs are available in 320kbps-quality from Soundcloud now.

Tommy released the new album "And The Horse Came Riderless" in 2012.

Holger has finally started to make and release music again under the name Kustus. Check out their website for music and videos.

New record out, and we have t-shirts!
(15/11/2010) Last month Tommy and his band The Starving Gravy released their second album to good critiques all over. 10 years have passed since Knuckesandwich was released! - And we have t-shirts for sale!

Tommys new record is out today
(08/09/2008) Tommy Tokyo & Starving For My Gravy is Tommys "new" band and after a year of very successful concerts and festivals and even being signed by Warner the stage is set for the brand new album: "Smear Your Smiles Back On".

2007 update
(13/03/2007) Today Tommy Tokyo released his debut album on Osito Records: "Octopusdrunk & Arms To Prove It".
Check out his profile on MySpace

Neil Anton is currently living and working in Dublin, Trond and Holger still works in Oslo. They are not currently involved in any music projects worth mentioning.

2005 update
(25/01/2005) It's now been over 3 years since Piggyback was put to sleep. Still the website has quite a few visitors, and the MP3-files are popular as ever!

We have talked about releasing a CD with a collection of previously released songs, and a few songs we recorded but never released. This might or might not happen some time during 2005.

Neil Anton has just released an EP ("toothless I") with his new (old) band Sublust. You find their website here: www.sublust.no

Tommy Tokyo records songs for himself, and has had somewhat success alone. You can check out a few songs at NRK Urørt

Trond Arne still plays with a few bands, but Holger has unfortunately not played in any bands since november 2003. That is a situation that can not continue, so if you live in Oslo and need a steady bassplayer, feel free to contact Holger at holger (at) lockertsen dot com.

Another update - easter 2003
(15/04/2003) Tommy Tokyo released his Tommy Tokyo EP on his own label in november 2002, and it got good reviews in a few norwegian media. For more information on his project and his songs check out his profile at Norwegian Bandindex

Neil Anton plays with his pre-piggyback band Crunchy Frog, but also pursues his solo-work and plays now and then with Trond Arne. Check out his infopage at Norwegian Bandindex here.

Holger has been playing with his new band Dawn Of Ages since november 2002. Check out their act at www.dawnofages.com

What's going on?
(11/10/2002) Here's an update on the guys:

** Tommy is releasing a promo-EP under the name Tommy Tokyo this month. He plays all instruments himself.

** Neil Anton is also doing solo-work. He opened alone for Chris Mills (US) at So What! in Oslo this september.

** Trond and Holger are currently without bands. They have been playing a little with Neil Anton, but are both in search of new bands to play drums and bass.

(05/01/2002) Due to personal differences within the band, Piggyback is history as of today. We thank all our fans for all the support. The website will be up and running as usual for the time being. Information about new projects by the bandmembers will be posted here.

Piggyback on NRK Urørt
(07/11/2001) From today on you can listen to Piggyback on NRK Urørt Feel free to recommend us as well!

Opening for Crash Test Dummies!
(28/09/2001) Piggyback is opening for Crash Test Dummies at their concert on Betong in Oslo october 4th!

Postulate - Free download!
(19/09/2001) Download our newest promosingle! Both Postulate and the b-side "A Beginning" are available for download in the mp3-section!

Postulate release!
(07/09/2001) Today we are sending out the first copies of Postulate to press and radio. We are setting the releasedate to september 8. That means our gig at Nyx becomes sort of a releaseparty for the single. Read more about the single [here]

New single
(19/08/2001) We have postponed the release of Wankers ep for a while, and will release another promosingle to radio while we wait. The single will most likely contain two tracks: "Postulate" and the newly recorded "a beginning". We have been in talks with recordcompanies, and although the contract is still missing, we have received very positive feedback. Work continues.

Wankers EP - mixing commences
(26/06/2001) - Last sunday we recorded the last song for the new EP, and this week mixing of all five songs starts. Soon it's only a question of finding the right label to release the EP.

- Yesterday Tommy became the father of a beautiful little boy. Everyone congratulates him on a job well done :-)

- July 12. Piggyback plays at "Sommerfesten i Tønsberg". - An outdoor party.

Peggy Porn - free download!
(30/05/2001) We have made Peggy Porn available to the public for free download as MP3.

Great concert-review in PULS
(24/04/2001) A journalist in the webmagazine Panorama.no wrote a review of our latest gig at Betong in Oslo. Unfortunately the magazine just stopped, after 6 years in business. Fortunately the journalist got a new deal with magazine Puls.no and the review was published in Puls instead. Check it out! (Norwegian)

Mp3s from the gig at Gamla
(09/04/2001) We have updated the MP3-section with recordings from the gig at Gamla march 10. These are songs that existed as liverecordings from earlier gigs, but as we feel these are better, these are what you get!

Not lazy at all: In a studio again
(09/04/2001) We are spending easter in studio. The result might be a new EP for release summer or fall of 2001.

Still going strong
(12/03/2001) The last gig at Gamla in Oslo went well. Quite a few people showed up at was our best gig so far, regardless that it was our 13th gig, and that we had 13 songs on the setlist. In the end we did play 14 songs though. One or two songs from the gig might be found here for download soon...
A new gig has been scheduled today. We will play at "stud:rock" at Betong (Chateu Neuf) april 19, together with two other bands. Check out the giglist for more info.
We have also added a history-section to the site. Here you find the milestones of Piggyback chronologically.

Yet another live song available
(26/02/2001) The latest addition to the collection of downloadable MP3s is another recording from the releaseparty held september 2. 2000. And we promise - this is the last song we will make available from this concert. The song is called "Lingering Beauty" and is about the band itself!

New stuff
(23/02/2001) Today we added a new page to the site which shows which songs we have played at gigs, and how many times we have played them.
Today we also learnt that Peggy has been playlisted on more local radiostations. A new good review has also been published at Propaganda.net (norwegian)

Interview in PULS
(20/02/2001) Read the Piggyback-interview in norwegian in the magazine PULS: http://www.puls.no/a.cgi?id=6631

Piggyback featured on Freetrax
(19/02/2001) Piggyback is featured on the frontpage of Freetrax this week together with Craig David and Sting! :-)
Peggy Porn is also selected as Cool Trax. Check out: www.freetrax.com

(15/02/2001) Check out the Piggyback-quiz at Nattguiden (norwegian), answer the very difficult question and win a signed EP! Click here!

Peggy is being shipped!
(12/02/2001) The new promosingle "Peggy Porn" is being shipped to radiostations across Norway this week. You can listen to the song and download it at Freetrax.

Peggy Porn is finished
(04/02/2001) The new promosingle Peggy Porn is finished! It's been mastered at Lydmuren and will be printed and sent off to the appropriate receivers within the next week or so. The MP3 will not be available for download yet, but we will make a RA-file available ASAP.

Another live MP3 uploaded
(09/01/2001) You can now download another MP3-file recorded at the releaseparty. The song is "Metaphor Consultant", one of the songs we have played for the longest time.

Pages redesigned
(08/01/2001) The piggyback-pages needed a redesign, and it is hereby implemented.

Live MP3 available
(03/01/2001) We have made a recording of Sordid Query available for download from the site. The recording was made at the releaseparty for "Knucklesandwich" at Vega september 2. 2000. Enjoy!

New images out
(13/12/2000) We have published a few new pics from the gig at Vega december 8. 2000. All pictures are taken by Tom-Henning Bratlie. The gig went well, but too few of you showed up.... :-) Be there for the next gig!

Concerts moved
(16/11/2000) There has been a change in plans. The concert in Gjøvik has been moved to december 9, and the concert in Biri is posponed to a later date.

In studio again
(15/11/2000) We have booked studiotime early december to record what will be a new promosingle. The song is a tune we have played live for a while called "Peggy Porn".

Beatles-song now available
(30/10/2000) We didn't reach the final of the Beatles-cover contest, but we are making the song available for download on these pages. Go to the tune-section to download "I want you (She's so heavy)".

Piggyback plays The Beatles
(09/10/2000) We are currently recording a version of "I want you (she's so heavy)" to participate in the Beatles coversong-contest set up by norwegian national radio "P3", national newspaper Dagbladet and EMI Norway.

Excellent reviews
(22/09/2000) This week a number of reviews of Knucklesandwich have been published - in norwegian magazines and newspapers.
Finally someone has really understood what Piggyback and the EP is all about. Read the excellent review in PULS, and check the links to the other reviews.

Added new MP3
(20/09/2000) Well to be honest it's old, but it hasn't been available for download until now. This track is also from the live demo we recorded in the rehearsingstudio one night in december 1999. The track is called "The Proprietor" and is not found on Knucklesandwich.

Images from the releaseparty published
(19/09/2000) We have published a few amateurpics from the releaseparty in the image-section.

The releaseparty was a success
(03/09/2000) Close to 100 people showed up at the releaseparty for Knucklesandwich. Piggyback played 16 songs from the set.

Releasedate of 'Knucklesandwich' set
(18/08/2000) 'Knucklesandwich' will be released september 2. 2000! An open releaseparty will be held at Vega in Oslo. More info here: Gigs

'Knucklesandwich' in print
(04/08/2000) We are pleased to announce that the EP "knucklesandwich" is in print and the releasedate is set to the 1st of september.

(18/05/2000) The EP is finally in the finishing state. Mixing will commence the weekend of 19-21 May.
The title of the EP will be "Knucklesandwich", and the EP will contain these songs: Bartender, Bother Boy, Dogma 2047, Sordid Query and Narcissistic.

Added new pics
(10/03/2000) Added images to the image-section from the gig at Smuget. All photos are taken by photographer Tom Henning Bratlie.

New MP3s added
(05/01/2000) Three new MP3-files was added to the tune-section today. These songs was recorded live on a rehearsal december 16. 1999 and are to be regarded as a rehearsaltape.

Recording an EP
(06/12/1999) We are in the process of making a self-financed four-song EP. Release is planned for late march 2000.

The site is ready for release
(01/10/1999) We are launching the Piggybacksite.

All content and music on these pages is © Copyright Piggyback 1999-2018.
Pages by Holger Lockertsen.

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